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100% linen, hand printed in England.

Drawing from early nineteenth century Italian damasks, Allegria has been reworked in soft watercolours. The modelling within the motifs of the original artwork has been carefully reproduced and then hand printed on a pure linen ground. A printed herringbone texture further softens the design which finally goes through a “tumbling” process - this gives a wonderful hand to the fabric as well as enhancing the linen slubs.



100% linen, printed in England.

The scrolls and cartouche within this printed linen call to mind the ancient Venetian plaster technique of the same name, made from marble mixed with lime putty.

These loosely drawn and playful shapes work against a roughly textured ground, and within the cartouches one can find a hand painted grid, bringing geometry and an injection of colour.


100% linen, printed in England.

A play on the word “meander”, Miranda is a charming, simple design where the stylised ribbon meanders around its vertical stripes. Loosely inspired by the hand blocked covering of an eighteenth-century screen, the simple elegance transcends both period and culture. The slubs within the pure linen ground animates the unprinted areas further enhancing the handmade look of this charming fabric.


100% linen, printed in England.

A patchwork of different coloured stripes collected from provincial French paisley designs, Simla makes for the most useable fabric. It works with designs of any scale and the colour palette of both colourways sits happily with so many other fabrics. Printed on a pure linen twill which further enhances its documentary appeal.


100% linen, printed in England.

An exuberant design, Tallulah seemed the obvious name for this new fabric, based on a rendition of an imagined deep, passementerie fringe. The free painting of the artwork brings life and movement and the scale brings humour - two of the borders appear at the edge of a printed width and can be cut to trim curtains, tablecloths and bed skirts amongst other applications. A chance to get very creative!


100% linen, printed in England.

A bamboo trellis loosely supports the lush greenery and flowers of a rose arbour in this linen print. The idea came about on seeing the famous photo of Cecil Beaton in his winter garden, surrounded by the scent and colour of his prized blooms. The rendering of the artwork has a retro feel, and the scale of the trellis support stops this charming design from becoming “twee”.

Rose Trellis



50% viscose, 25% linen, 23% cotton, 2% polyester, woven in Italy

A striking geometric jacquard that brings a dynamic edge to a room, making an inspired partnership with our other fabrics. The tactile handle to the softly heathered yarns further enhances its appeal. The name suggests the interlocking shapes within the design. Double sided it would make for a striking unlined window treatment as well as a sharp piece of furniture.


60% cotton, 40% linen, woven in Belgium.

A gorgeous cut and loop pile stripe inspired by the Ikat linings of Uzbekistan robes. Woven on traditional Belgium looms, the velvet pile is almost all flax which gives a wonderfully dry handle and a chic, soft lustre which is unmistakably linen. Spectacular used for upholstery where the different weave effects come into their own as the fabric follows the contours of the furniture.


New scales and colourways of our ever popular Audrey stripe, hand woven on a silk warp with a linen weft to give a wonderful “crunch” to the handle.

67% linen, 33% silk, hand woven in India.

Rex, Audrey, Eliza



55% viscose, 45% linen (100% linen ground), hand-guided embroidery from India.

stitches to give depth and texture, this fabric sings with life! A faint outline of the tree of life pattern is first printed on the ground, the craftsperson then diligently brings the pattern into spectacular 3D, hand-guiding the fabric under the needle whilst operating the machine by foot. The weight of the embroidery on pure linen gives an alluring drape, reminiscent of haute couture.




Grasscloth, printed in England.

Inspired by the beginning of the printing process for Rose Trellis when only the silhouette of flowers and foliage had been laid down against the bamboo trellis, this makes for a dreamy spin- off. The simplicity of the shapes is further enhanced by the heavy texture of its grass cloth ground. A spectacular and romantic addition to the collection.

Cameo Trellis

Non-woven paper, printed in England.

The loosely drawn and playful shapes of the Marmorino linen are printed on a non-woven paper to create a matching wallpaper.

Marmorino Wallpaper

Non-woven paper, printed in England.

The matching wallpaper to Rose Trellis fabric, the same bamboo trellis inspired by Cecil Beaton in his winter garden has a retro feel, and works beautifully either with the co-ordinating fabric or a contrasting pattern.

Rose Trellis Wallpaper

Non-woven paper, printed in England.

Matching the Simla fabric, the scale and colour palette of the stripes make for a striking room.

Simla Wallpaper

Non-woven paper, printed in England.

A take on the traditional paint effect block wallpapers that give instant architecture to a room, Stones of Venice depicts sections of hand-marbled papers in trompe l’oeuil frames. The pale colourways would look beyond chic in a large entrance hall, whereas the richer colourways would look spectacular in more intimate spaces such as a library.

Stones of Venice

Non-woven paper, printed in England.

The genesis of this design is our printed linen Serenissima, but experimenting with metallic inks on coloured grounds brought to life our new wallpaper, Venezia. The watercolour effects from the original artwork make for a wonderfully soft wallcovering, a perfect up to date backdrop for paintings and textiles. A wide range of colours from ice cream tones through to richer colourways, all bring to mind the play of light on water in this most beautiful Italian city.


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