New Collection



A document of an embroidered Turkish wall hanging was the inspiration for this fabric.
Laid out in a striped format, the scale and softness of the motifs makes for a charming, delicate print. 100% linen.

Bosphorous 02 Rose Blue by Madeaux


Three traditional Byzantine scrolling borders work together in perfect harmony to form vertical stripes.
The delicacy of the original artwork is reproduced beautifully on the heavy, pure linen ground.

Fortunata 02 Red Blue by Madeaux


The original painterly rendition of my take on an eighteenth century Italian damask translates beautifully onto the fine linen groundcloth.
Its name references the watery light of the most serene republic of Venice.

Serenissima 01 Seafoam by Madeaux


Inspired by an Indian mogul document of flowers embroidered within coloured squares.
Tahanee is woven on a traditional tapestry loom giving a huge variety of colour and tone.
It is the most versatile of fabrics that would sit comfortably within most room schemes.

Tahanee 01 Multi by Madeaux


A natural linen warp and weft combines with a dramatically chunky chenille weft to create a seriously three dimensional fabric.

Bozzo 02 Chestnut by Madeaux


A small geometric where the dot like pattern is woven in soft chenille on a jacquard loom. Occhio is the Italian word for eye.

Occhio 04 Charcoal by Madeaux

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